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I don’t want your DNA

15 Mar

I love the gym. Actually though, I really enjoy going to the gym and getting my workout on. Sometimes is kind of stinky or there is the occasional grunting man who I assume must have an impacted bowel. Healthy people just don’t make sounds like that. Sure, there’s that girl who proceeds to call all her besties from the treadmill and tell them how busy she is working out. To be honest, those things don’t really bother me at all. The last two are pretty entertaining. I secretly hope that one day Cell Phone Girl one day leans on the speed button by accident and that Mr. Bowel Problems finds relief.

However, there is one thing at the gym that just drives me nuts. It’s gross, inconsiderate, and at most gyms it’s actually against the rules. I DESPISE people who don’t wipe their equipment down after they’re done with it. It takes 10 seconds to wipe that puddle of sweat off the dash of an elliptical. It takes 20 seconds to give your mat a quick swipe with the cool little antiseptic towels we have at the gym I go to. You don’t even have to spray anything or have a real towel!

I’d like to make it clear that I am pro-sweating. Workout hard, drip sweat, whatever you need to do. But clean up after! I didn’t plan on going swimming and I certainly don’t want to do it on that bike you were just on.