Learning to Run…Again

8 Mar


Let’s get something straight. Running and I, we’ve never been friends. However, after much effort to eat healthy, get stronger and lose a little unnecessary weight, we have met again. Of my own volition. I must be insane.

I’ve been working out 5 to 6 days a week for the past 3 months and seen an amazing improvement in my strength, cardio ability, overall health and, to make it even more worth it, I’ve dropped about 10 pounds I really didn’t need (plus 5 of bloat after going gluten free). I feel great. I have a ton of energy. I actually enjoy getting up early to go to the gym and I’m so much more productive during the day.  Definitely worth the 2ish weeks of pain when I started.

Back to running, I decided to take this on as I’ve hit a bit of a plateau in my workouts. They’re still challenging and I lift heavier each week with lots of variety. But I’m stuck in a routine. I do the same things over and over. It’s gotten too comfortable. I felt like the treadmill was taunting me with “Karla, you know you want to. You can run. Prove me wrong”. So I took that inanimate object’s challenge. I stepped up with fear in my heart and legs that were less than impressed.

But I did it! Well sort of haha. I decided to start with some intervals, I use them on both the elliptical and the bike when I do cardio anyways. So I figured 20 minutes was a good goal and I’d do 1 minute of fast walking (4.5 mph) and then 3 minutes at a moderate running pace (6mph). I completed it. It still hurt, but my knees weren’t totally dying after and I got a fantastic workout.I think I’ll stick with this.

I guess a little crazy can get you somewhere in life.

You only life once,



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